Free Electricity through Solar Power

Solar panel harness energy of the sun

Every time the sun shines on the earth, it can create more than enough energy for your home for over a year. Solar energy is used to take sunlight and use it for energy. Now I know everyone has some concept of the solar panels and pretty much what they are used for, but the fun part is the science behind it all.

The solar panel is made up of photo voltaic cells,and the cells are made of semiconductor cells. When the sun hits the panel, electrons are knocked loose from the atoms.The electrons then run through the cell and generate electricity…Its amazing. Then there’s the technique on a much larger scale. Long U shaped mirrors focus on the sunlight of a pipe that has oil running through it. The suns rays will heat up the pipe that heats the oil, then will boil water for electricity.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible fuel source that’s pollution free and noise free. The things the panels can do are fantastic. Since the sun doesn’t shine at night, you will have to use a storage device like a battery. Despite the downfalls of solar energy being used to power lots of people, it has grown to about 20 percent in the past 15 years. These panels are very expensive, but thanks to those who are making them in the USA and other countries with the gains of prices falling due to gains in efficiency of using solar energy, Solar can pay for itself in five to ten years. Pretty soon we can put those expensive light bills behinds us. Solar energy is free, and it has great potential. Using solar panels and thermal photovoltiac,they will convert energy into heat and then apply it to a steam generator. Good bye to the gas. It has the potential and ideal for places that are remote in other countries where people don’t have access to modern electricity. Its also very practical to use at home with an inverter that converts direct current power from solar cells into AC, which is what our appliances are running on. Solar energy is practical and it saves the environment. As the price of solar lowers and gas prices rise, we will enter into an era of pure solar power where the fossil fuel will fade away.