Slot Canyons: What are They?

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The deep sedimentary levels of the planet in this area have actually been carved over the centuries by high hill snow-melt as well as flash rainfall. Water, incapable to be soaked up by the dry desert ground, races with the deep crevasses at degrees getting to over 60 feet high in the “slots.” The reasonably soft canyon walls constructed from red Navajo sandstone have actually been etched and even shaped right into winding corridors by the unexpected torrents of hurrying water loaded with rocks and particles. Over time, this sensation has actually smoothed these corridors in such a way that the canyon wall surfaces have flowing shapes as well as characteristics. The results are panoramic and dramatic!

In many slot canyons, the water and wind of 100– 200 million years of cyclones as well as flooding have cut the sandstone as though its striations could appear practically incandescent. From inside one could observe a wide variety of shades as the light from above bounces back and forth across the walls. In spots, the only light entering the canyon is from an extremely slim opening in the top, only a foot or 2 vast, however the canyon floor can be 100 feet deep or so much more!

True Slot Canyons

The only real slot canyons could be found where rivers have run deep and even powerfully across the planet. This is evidenced specifically in the Southwest region by the Grand Canyon and even Lake Powell, and abundantly in Bryce Canyon National forest and Zion National Park. One of the most enormous of all slot canyons is The Narrows in Zion National Park. The wall surfaces increase almost 2000 feet from the canyon floor, and they are only 30 feet apart at the widest points!

Numerous slot canyons are well hidden and discovered in remote desert areas, and could be very difficult to reach. For some, this only adds to the intrigue as well as challenge. Recently, many slot canyons have actually been mapped out and also their problems documented, and consequently, their popularity has increased as camping and also hiking destinations. However, there are thousands of slot canyons throughout the Southwest desert waiting to be explored!