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Recycle for a Cleaner Earth

Recycling is good for the environment. Plastic,cans, and paper…all this is recyclable. Some states will pay you 5 cents for each bottle or can you pick up. This should be a law in all states, plus it helps keep trash off the streets. Some people could care less,while other want to improve the environment. My eight year old granddaughter said we need to keep mother earth clean and she’s right. It doesn’t cost a dime to adopt a street,and its your responsibility to keep that street clean for so many miles. As an incentive you get your name on a sign saying that’s street is yours through adoption.

glass_and_plastic_recycling_065_ubtRecycling has a lot of benefits. Its good for the environment,conserves natural resources,and reduces the amount of trash that fills up landfills.

Industrial societies produces a lot of garbage,so a lot of people have taking it upon their selves to help save the environment. We all should have a part in this. But sadly a lot of people just don’t care. San Francisco now has a recycling rate of 69 percent. This is the highest rate in America. North Carolina has waste recycling bins for people to recycle their garbage, for smart people to use them. Check for prices when aluminum goes up, save all cans like sodas or beer or anything that’s made of the material. You can make a nice little profit on them if you commit yourself to this project .Copper is harder to find and its always high on the market. Stripping old wires,or anything that is made made of copper can also bring you extra money. 
Plastics,which are made of fossil fuel,are a little different. They are lightweight and can be formed into so many things. Most of our recyclables are processed right at home in the town you live in. But most of them are shipped overseas especially China. They recycle the product and make it into other goods. They are shipped back in different materials .because of the availability for cheap labor,which is really whats wrong with America today, but that’s another story. China has become the largest importer of recyclables in the world.